KRESKAT Trading offers versatile solutions for businesses looking to manage their surplus stock efficiently. Our integrated system accommodates returns and excess inventory from various stages of the retail and distribution process, ensuring that no resources go to waste. Here’s an overview of the solutions we provide:

Returns Management: We handle returns from all channels including online, store, and even directly from the factory. This helps businesses streamline their reverse logistics, reducing the complexity and cost associated with managing returns.

“Magic Wands” System: At the heart of our solutions is the “Magic Wands” system, which dynamically routes goods to the most suitable next step, whether that be back to retail channels, direct sales, or other avenues.

Outlet and B2B Sales: Surplus goods can find new life through our outlet channels or business-to-business sales, ensuring that products reach new customers and markets instead of becoming waste.

B2C Direct Sales: We also facilitate direct sales to consumers, helping to recover value from surplus inventory efficiently and directly.

Recycling: For goods that cannot be reintroduced to the market, we offer eco-friendly recycling options, supporting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Our approach not only helps businesses reduce waste but also maximizes the recovery of investment on surplus stock, all while supporting sustainable practices.

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