Used Clothes

We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our products. It is our main objective, which in the same time is the pledge for a long-term cooperation for us. We are flexible and always try to satisfy our customer by adjusting to the peculiarities of his target market.

We mainly specialize in producing sortings/mixes of the highest quality, such as “Super Cream” and “Cream” categories. The target markets for these categories are Eastern and Central European countries, and in some cases countries of Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Mixes are produced in such a manner that its assortment is attractive and interesting to the retailers. Every sack is balanced relative to its content and quality. It means that the quality is constant and doesn’t vary between sacks. All clothes of more or less low quality is sent to Africa and Pakistan.

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Europe and Russia

Super Cream grade

    • “Super Cream S” – summer clothing for women, super cream
    • “Super Cream W” – winter clothing for women, super cream
    • “Super Cream Man” – all season clothing for men, super cream
    • “Super Cream CH” – all season clothing for children, super cream
    • “Jackets A” – winter jackets of the highest grade

Cream grade

    • “Cream Mix S” – a mix of men/women summer clothing, cream
    • “Cream Mix W” – a mix of men/women winter clothing, cream
    • “Kids Lux” – all season clothing for kids, cream + solid 1st grade
    • Winter “Jackets B” – 1st grade
    • Fleece

Shop Mix grade

    • “Shop Mix” – mixed cream and 1st grade clothing
      Best price/quality relationship. This product was developed especially for the large retail networks, who need large amounts of good clothes.

The abovementioned categories are our main products, although it is not a full list of our products. In order to get complete information about our assortment, please, contact us.


All clothing is neatly folded and packed in:

    • 25-30 kg polypropylene white sacks for Super Cream and Cream;
    • 70-80 kg polypropylene white sacks for Shop Mix;
    • in some cases there might be other package – by agreement with clients;

The sacks are stitched on top. There is no access to the product during the transportation, excluding cases of customs inspection.


Tropical Mix grade

    • Mixed summer light clothing and household rummage. Suited for hot, tropical climate.


Clothing is pressed into 300 kg bales and wrapped with white material from polypropylene.


In a 20′ feet container we load about 13 tons, 34 bales. In a 40′ feet container we load about 27 tons, 68 bales.



    • Mixed winter/autumn clothing


    • Household rummage


Clothing is pressed in 300 kg bales and wrapped in polypropylene.

Household rummage is pressed in 200 kg bales and wrapped in polypropylene.


In a 20′ feet container we load about 9 tons, 25 bales. In a 40 feet container – about 19 tons, 54 bales.


If you are interested in any of the above mentioned products