Who We Are

KRESKAT is a grading factory of second-hand clothes and shoes. The company was established in 1997 in Riga, Latvia. Since the very beginning, main activities of the company were aimed at dealing with used clothes and shoes.

Right now our company has a factory in Riga, where we sort “original” collected by our partners in United Kingdom and Ireland. Clothes and shoes of UK origin are delivered to our plant for further sorting and sometimes processing into wiping rag. Single economic space and absence of customs barriers for members of the European Union enables easy and fast delivery of the goods.

Clothing is collected in England/Ireland either from door to door or in street containers. A “door-to-door” collecting means that a family gathers unnecessary clothing and shoes in a bag and put it out on the porch of their house. The container collection is ensured by a network of street containers for used clothing and shoes located near supermarkets and other public places. The clothing is collected on behalf of UK’s most known charity organizations, which motivates people to give away garments of a better quality, less worn out and sometimes even new. But despite all these factors, “original” contains garments which are appropriate for different target markets, considering its paying capacity, demand features, climate, etc.

Why in our case “original” is delivered to Latvia, instead of being sorted in UK? Firstly, because of the economic considerations. The labor and commercial rent is very expensive in UK. Secondly, it is very important that employees are aware of what is fashionable and modern and, for example, do not put a garment of the 90-s, but with a tag, into Cream. In UK this problem is pretty common. Our sorters have absolutely clear concept of what Cream should be like, what currently is fashionable and what is conservative and not trendy. In Latvia it is much faster and easier to find employees who understand the quality and topicality of clothing and shoes. This is a very important nuance.

After the sorting process our product is exported worldwide: Eastern and Central Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Georgia, Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan. In some cases our product is re-exported back to UK or Belgium for further re-selling or export to other countries. We are proud of this fact, which, undoubtedly, confirms the highest quality of our product. We invite every potential customer, who might be interested in becoming our partner, to personally check the quality by visiting our sorting plant in Riga, Latvia.

We mainly work with large companies – wholesale warehouses, dealers, the retailers having the chain stores. We are always interested in cooperating with serious clients, who aims to long-term partnership, stability, adequate and decent human relations, i.e. without any unexpected “surprises”.